The African Vision Research Institute (AVRI) is affiliated with the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN). Both organizations have a  commitment to grow vision and eye health research on the African continent.


In addition to undertaking research, AVRI currently;

  •  Provides training in research methods
  •  Offers technical and logistical support on a range of research projects
  •  Assists post graduate students to become  skilled researchers  and research  writers
  •  Assists authors to communicate effectively and scientifically
  •  Promotes, undertakes, and sources resources (journal  articles, funding information etc.)
  •  Promotes publication of research findings


AVRI also provides a holistic support to postgraduate research  projects  including assistance with:

  • writing protocols and proposals,
  • advising on ; methodologies, designing of surveys/questionnaires;
  • layout and content  of conference abstracts,  posters and presentations;
  • sourcing publications and documents for research projects;  and
  • data entry and analyses in the form of descriptive reports.


Students will be expected to pay for the SAQA evaluation of their foreign qualififcations. SAQA fees vary with the number of qualifications one has; for the first qualification fee the fee is R950.00 and R520.00 each for additional qualifications + R224.00 for courier within South Africa). AVRI will provide support and coordinate the SAQA application process. Additionally, students  will be required to pay the UKZN Application Fee and a levy fee of per semester.