There are striking disparities in the quantity and quality of research related to vision and blindness prevention in Africa compared to the developed world. Limited capacity to conduct research in epidemiology and public health in Africa has constrained the development of appropriate, affordable, effective and sustainable eye care systems. In addition, the lack of basic empirical, scientific and clinical vision research has resulted in a weak evidence base for clinicians, eye care professionals and policy-makers to draw upon when planning clinical services.


AVRI is committed to contributing to good eye health practices on the African continent through sound research and evidence

generation that leads to change in policy. Partnerships can assists with the realisation of this objective. In essence, AVRI

accommodates research support at all levels and from all regions in Africa. Research institutes, researchers and postgraduate students as well as research fellows can approach the institute for advice, assistance and collaboration on research projects.


Research Focus

  • Cataracts
  •  Refractive error and low vision
  •  Trachoma
  •  Diabetic Retinopathy
  •  Childhood Blindness

Other areas of investigation include:

  •  Alternative delivery systems
  •  Economics of Blindness
  •  Poverty, Health & Blindness
  •  Quality of Life Evaluations
  •  Impact Studies
  •  School Eye Health