IVI Workshop

IVI organized a three day “Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy EyeTeach© Biostatistics and scientific writing” workshop in collaboration with the African Vision Research Institute (AVRI) which took place on 29-31 October 2014. Mr Farai Chinanayi and Dr Jyoti Jaggernath from AVRI facilitated the workshop held at IVI Hyderabad.


 The workshop strengthened research skills including data analysis, result interpretation and effective science communication. 20 optometry professionals including educators, students and practitioners from eight Optometry institutes benefited from the workshop including from LV Prasad Eye Institute, Nethradhama Institute of Optometry, Shri Prakash Institute of Optometry, Sankara Eye Hospital, Little Flower Institute of Medical Science and Research, The Eye Foundation, Sri Ramachandra University, Government health and medical services and University of Hyderabad.

HRDEH EyeTeach Workshop

Avoidable blindness is a significant public health challenge. “It is estimated that 90% of the world’s visually impaired people live in developing countries”, of this”80% of all visual impairment can be prevented, treated or cured” (1).

The link between poverty and blindness is indisputable. It causes profound disadvantages to individuals, their families and societies. People living with uncorrected vision impairment are more likely to be excluded from basic education, suffer from isolation and have fewer employment opportunities.

Many corrective measures available to those living with vision impairment are often inaccessible to those in lower socio- economic groups. Access to health care and education is critical to lifting people and communities out of poverty. In developing countries, a lack of trained HR has been identified as a major barrier to eliminating avoidable blindness. Increasing HR capacity may improve accessibility, which in turn reduces the incidence of preventable blindness and improves the quality of life for people with low vision and blindness.

Optometry schools are in a unique position to deliver eye care services to all of the population, including groups at higher risk of avoidable blindness and vision impairment. They also offer the opportunity for students to learn to practice Optometry with a public health perspective.

The public health optometry workshop will upskill the educators’ ability to plan and implement programs within schools to ensure that services are accessible and affordable to all members of society. In addition to this, the importance of creating public health oriented learning opportunities will be highlighted in order to sensitise students to the broader agenda of disability and poverty.

The Brien Holden Vision Institute, supported by the African Vision Research Institute, hosts a number of these workshops annually to capacitate educators and researchers in the field of Optometry.