enriching of iron containing slag waste of metallurgical plants

Production and applications of electric-arc-furnace slag ... Slag, a by-product of steelmaking industries, has invaluable potentials for various environmental applications. Slag is generally produced in different types of furnaces working under various operating conditions and contains alumina, calcium oxide, silica and so on. Blast-Furnace Production | Article about Blast-Furnace ... The most important properties of iron-containing burden materials, which determine the technical and economic indexes for blast-furnace smelting, are the iron content, the composition of the waste matter, the amount of harmful impurities, the granulometric composition, the durability, and the reducibility. Slag Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock The mountain of iron slag from metallurgical furnaces Conveyor scraper slag into a large boiler grate. scraper conveyor for coal transportation. underground mining. mining Slag heap near the industrial town of Hunedoara, Romania.    Read More