boyfriends and crushes

I have a crush on my husband's friend | Love Letters It sounds like this crush has put you on a hamster wheel. You want to stop thinking about your husband's friend, but every time you try to stop yourself, you start thinking about him even more. Auntie SparkNotes: My Online Crush Has a Terrible Boyfriend Jul 13, 2018· I have a crush on a (we'll call her Jill) in one of my online friend-groups, and according to a few of our mutual friends it's pretty likely she has a crush on me, too. In fact, one of the biggest in-jokes in our group is our marriage in a video game we play—which is a joke she started, by ... Guys, do guys tell their friends about their crushes/who ... Guys talking about their crushes (the word crush is a term) is for the guys who dont get any play and have no game (i guess now its called swag and that sounds so pussy too) There are no crushes only s you wanna get at.    Read More