making grinding edge jig

surefire lathe tool sharpening - lathe tool sharpening T o help avoid tool catches, torn grain, and other turning snafus, ... three professional turn-ers (see page 95 for more on them), and their answers were unanimous: "Get a Wolverine Grinding Jig." All three felt that next to a solid lathe and a good set of tools, the Wolverine Grinding Jig by ... ting edge, making the ... My knife grinding jig | BladeForums Mar 09, 2017· When I started making knives the mechanical head in me told me to make a jig so bevels would be easy, it wasn't if you didn't know a lot of things about making knives, so now, many years later, here is my new knife grinding jig, I only have to make the front threaded holes for it to be finished, but my work week ended so, they are going to be ... This DIY Knife Sharpening Jig Helps You Get the Right ... You'll need a few tools to make this one yourself (or just get the wood cut for you at your local hardware store), but the finished project only requires a sharpening stone, some scrap wood, a ...    Read More