ean air velocity test for coal mills

13045 Coal Distributor Paper:Layout 1 - babcockpower 2 INTRODUCTION Imbalanced fuel flow between coal pipes in pulverized coal fired utility boilers is a longstanding industry problem that hampers combustion efficiency, emissions, and . Combustion Optimization Through Air Flow and Coal Flow ... Self purging, primary air transmitters to accurately measure primary air flow; Burner line diffusing coal valves installed on each coal pipe for coal flow balancing; The O 2 measurement system was replaced and relocated to a location that would improve accuracy and consistency; New CO monitors were installed to monitor combustion efficiencies. Energy-Saving Analysis for a 600MW Coal-Fired ... Clean air flow test, based on test results, orifices can be Vane wheel be installed with correct annular gap to adjusted in coal pipes to achieve clean air flow balance achieve this velocity. Moreover the air flow be directed within +/- 5%. towards centre of mill to achieve primary classification Dirty air flow test.    Read More