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How to choose the diamond saw blade that "suits my tiles ... Excellent for cutting thick and hard porcelain tiles, hard ceramics and natural stone such as marble and granite. CPH "XAMURAY" – long life compared to other similar diamond blades on the market, competitive price. How To Cut Porcelain Tile - So That's How You Do That! Tips- How to cut porcelain tile using a Tile Cutter. Practice, practice and more practice! Buy a few extra tile to practice cutting. If the tile you bought is expensive, than buy a few tiles that are on sale and practice with those. Marble Cutter Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock Bricklayer cutting tile, Tile cutter machine Ingredients for homemade italian pasta ravioli staffed by spinach ricotta, semolina flour, egg yolk, basil, olive wood utensils bowls, cutter and rolling pin.    Read More