apparatus for copper anodic slime processing

cost of anode slime processing plant - cvautospecialist Copper, nickel and tellurium yields during leaching of anode slime. Jun 27, 2010 ... The aim of the project was to get a better understanding of the copper, nickel and tellurium leaching process at the precious metals plant in general. Recovery of Metals from Waste Electrical and Electronic ... the multi-component alloy which resulted from waste electrical and electronic equipment, by anodic dissolution. Keywords: WEEE recycling, WPCBs, anodic dissolution, copper recovery, Cu-Sn alloy ... of the direct extraction of copper through an electrochemical process without a prior chemical dissolution. ... and the anodic slime was washed with ... equipments for attrition for copper anode slime Process for the flotation of anode slime from copper electrolysis comprising subjecting the anode slime, as a preliminary treatment, to attrition treatment in . Try the new Google Patents, with machine-classified Google Scholar.    Read More