amplitude of vibration

Propagation and attenuation characteristics of various ... The vibration amplitude measured on the adjacent ground was reduced to about 2 cm/s due to the effect of ballast whereas the amplitude on the sleeper was about 10 cm/s. The vibration amplitude usually increases as increasing the train speed. Typical time domain signals measured using 3D geophone located 13 m apart from the sleeper are shown in Fig. 2c. Amplitude - definition of amplitude by The Free Dictionary One half the full extent of a vibration, oscillation, or wave. The amplitude of an ocean wave, for example, is the maximum height of the wave crest above the level of calm water, or the maximum depth of the wave trough below the level of calm water. Fundamental Frequency and Harmonics Compare the wavelength of pattern A to the wavelength of pattern B. Suppose that the fundamental frequency of vibration is nearly 1200 Hz. Estimate the frequency of vibration of the plate when it vibrates in the second, third and fourth harmonics.    Read More