drum sludge thickening system

Internally Fed Rotary Drum Thickener Aids Sludge Dewatering The Monster Drum Thickener system is fully enclosed to collect filtrate water and easily connects to a plant's odor control system. The result is a much cleaner and less odorous work environment when compared to other sludge thickening technologies. Liqui-Fuge RDT Rotary Drum Thickener | Vulcan Industries The Liqui-Fuge RDT Rotary Drum Thickener is designed for volume reduction of primary, waste activated or digested sludge and ideal for reducing hauling costs or increasing digester capacity for municipal or industrial sewage treatment facilities. Sludge Thickening Concentration - Wastewater Treatment Other types of sludge thickening equipment are the rotary drum thickener and gravity belt thickener; they are less common in sludge thickening operations. The main design variables to be considered in selecting a thickening process are    Read More